Generation Zero is a survival game that tests players’ ability to navigate through a post-apocalyptic world. In this game, players must scavenge for resources, craft weapons and tools, and fight against hostile machines.

One of the most crucial resources in Generation Zero is glue, which is used for crafting various items such as ammunition and first aid kits. Obtaining glue in Generation Zero can be challenging, especially for novice players who are still learning the ropes of the game.

However, with some knowledge and strategy, acquiring this resource becomes easier. This article provides an overview of how to get glue in Generation Zero by exploring different methods such as scavenging abandoned buildings and vehicles, hunting down machines that drop glue, trading with other players, and considering crafting alternatives.

By following these tips and tricks, players can increase their chances of survival in this unforgiving world.

Key Takeaways

  • Glue is a crucial resource used for crafting various items in Generation Zero.
  • Scavenging abandoned buildings and vehicles, hunting down machines that drop glue, trading with other players, and considering crafting alternatives are some of the methods to get glue in Generation Zero.
  • Tick and Hunter machines are two types of machines that regularly drop glue, and focusing on high-level machines is a strategic approach for efficiently obtaining rare crafting materials.
  • Joining online communities and participating in trading can be useful for finding trading partners and locating scarce resources such as glue, and crafting alternatives for obtaining glue can also be explored.

Understand the Importance of Glue in Crafting

The significance of glue in crafting cannot be overstated as it serves as a key component for binding various materials together. Without glue, many projects would fall apart or simply not exist.

Glue is especially important in the game Generation Zero, where crafting plays a crucial role in surviving against robot enemies. However, traditional sources of glue such as those found in crafting stores may not always be available or easy to obtain.

This is where creativity comes into play; there are creative alternatives to traditional glue sources that can be used instead. For example, natural adhesives like tree sap or milkweed latex can work just as effectively and are often readily available in nature.

Another option is to scavenge for glue in abandoned buildings and vehicles, which is discussed further in the next section. By understanding the importance of glue and being creative with its sourcing options, players of Generation Zero can increase their chances of success when faced with challenging crafting situations.

Scavenge for Glue in Abandoned Buildings and Vehicles

Exploring abandoned structures and vehicles can yield a potential source of adhesive material. Scavenging for glue in scrapyards, factories, and abandoned buildings is an effective way to obtain the required materials for crafting. It is important to use different tactics for scavenging in different regions since some areas may have more accessible resources than others.

In addition, searching through old machinery or vehicles that have been left behind can also provide valuable sources of glue. However, it is crucial to exercise caution when exploring these locations to avoid any potential danger or harm. With this knowledge in mind, one can begin the hunt for machines that drop glue and other useful materials without hesitation.

Hunt for Machines That Drop Glue

In order to acquire glue in Generation Zero, players can focus on hunting for machines that drop this valuable resource.

Two types of machines that regularly drop glue are Ticks and Hunters, which can be found throughout the game world.

It is important to note that higher-level machines tend to have a higher chance of dropping glue, so players should prioritize targeting these tougher enemies in order to increase their chances of obtaining this valuable crafting material.

Seek Out Ticks and Hunters

To effectively gather glue in Generation Zero, a strategic approach involves actively seeking out ticks and hunters as they are known to drop valuable crafting materials.

Tick hunting techniques such as using bait or tracking their movement patterns can increase the chances of encountering them.

Additionally, hunter tracking strategies involving the use of binoculars or listening for their distinctive sounds can also lead to successful encounters.

Once these machines have been located and taken down, players should thoroughly search their bodies for potential drops including glue, adhesive tape, and other crafting materials.

It is important to note that higher-level machines have a higher chance of dropping rare materials such as advanced circuit boards and weapon attachments, so focusing on these targets may yield more valuable rewards in addition to glue.

By employing these tactics, players can efficiently gather the necessary resources needed for crafting without wasting time searching aimlessly throughout the game world.

Focus on High-Level Machines

Prioritizing higher-level machines is a strategic approach for efficiently obtaining rare crafting materials in Generation Zero. Analyzing weaknesses and preparing for battles are essential steps in taking down these formidable enemies. By focusing on high-level machines, players increase their chances of acquiring valuable items such as adhesive glue, which can be used to repair weapons and gear. These machines also require more effort to defeat, making the victory even more rewarding. However, it is important to note that engaging in battles with high-level machines requires careful planning and skillful execution to avoid unnecessary risks. Therefore, players should ensure they have adequate resources and equipment before venturing into these encounters. The following table illustrates the potential rewards of taking on high-level machines:

Machine Type Potential Rewards
Tanks Adhesive Glue
Harvesters Weapon Attachments
Apoc Class High-Tier Weapons

In order to maximize the benefits of fighting high-level machines, players should also consider trading with other players for additional resources and equipment.

Trade with Other Players

Joining online communities is a great way to find trading partners for exchanging items or services in Generation Zero. These communities often have members who are looking for specific items, including glue.

Offering something of value in exchange for glue can be a good strategy to get the resource you need. As an objective and technical approach, it is important to carefully consider the worth of the items or services being offered and negotiate fairly with potential trading partners.

Join Online Communities to Find Trading Partners

Participating in online communities devoted to Generation Zero can be a useful way to connect with potential trading partners and locate scarce resources such as glue. Glue trading tips can be shared among members who have successfully traded for this resource, or those who have found alternative ways of obtaining it.

Online communities for gamers are usually organized around specific games, allowing players to exchange information about the game’s mechanics, strategies, and tips. Joining these groups provides an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who share your passion for the game and may be willing to trade their excess items for what you need.

These communities often include forums or chat rooms where members can post requests for specific items such as glue, making it easier to find people willing to trade with you. By getting involved in these online communities, players can increase their chances of finding valuable resources like glue while building connections with other gamers.

Offering items or services in exchange for glue is another effective method that will be discussed further in the next section.

Offer Items or Services in Exchange for Glue

One effective strategy to acquire scarce resources in online gaming communities involves exchanging items or services for desired goods. Bartering tactics have been employed by gamers who are looking to obtain glue in Generation Zero.

This method entails offering up items that are not of high value to the player but may be attractive to others, or providing a service that is valuable to other players. For instance, players can offer their skills in crafting, hunting or scavenging for materials, or even helping other players complete difficult missions.

Another option is participating in community trade events where players come together with the aim of trading goods and services. Such events provide an opportunity for gamers to meet new people and develop relationships within the community which may lead them to access glue through social networks.

However, if these strategies fail, it might be time for gamers to consider crafting alternatives as a way of obtaining the resource they need without relying on trading with others.

Consider Crafting Alternatives

Crafting alternatives for obtaining glue in Generation Zero can be a viable option to consider, as it may provide a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

Upcycling materials is one such alternative that can be explored. By reusing materials that would otherwise end up in the trash, such as paper or cardboard, individuals can create their own adhesive compounds without having to spend money on store-bought glue. This not only saves money but also reduces waste and promotes environmental sustainability.

Another option is to explore alternatives to traditional glue, such as natural adhesives made from plant-based ingredients like flour or starch. While these alternatives may not have the same strength as traditional glue, they are still effective for many household tasks and provide a safer alternative for those concerned about the potential health hazards of chemical adhesives.

Considering these crafting alternatives can ultimately help individuals obtain the glue they need while also promoting sustainability and safety.


Glue is an essential crafting material in Generation Zero, a first-person shooter game set in an alternate version of Sweden in the 1980s. Players need glue to craft various items, such as medkits and ammo packs. While it may seem difficult to find glue at first, there are several ways to obtain it.

One way is by scavenging for glue in abandoned buildings and vehicles. These locations often have containers that contain crafting materials, including glue.

Another way is to hunt for machines that drop glue when defeated. For example, the FNIX Hunters and Rivals are known to drop adhesive when destroyed.

Additionally, players can trade with other players who have extra glue or consider alternative crafting options.

In conclusion, obtaining glue in Generation Zero requires resourcefulness and strategy. Scavenging for materials and defeating machines are effective methods of obtaining this vital crafting material. Trading with other players can also be a viable option if one has excess resources or lacks the means to acquire them through scavenging or machine hunting. By utilizing these methods, players can ensure they have enough glue to craft necessary items throughout their gameplay experience.

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